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Product information for memory and SSD.

Personal Products

KIOXIA provides various consumer products for personal use. ALL links are Japanese language pages.

About KIOXIA Corporation

KIOXIA Corporation

Company Information (Overview, Access, History, Organization / Management) of KIOXIA Corporation, the leading flash memory company.

KIOXIA Holdings Corporation

KIOXIA Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of KIOXIA Holdings Corporation. For KIOXIA Group corporate information, please visit the KIOXIA Holdings Corporation official website.

Research and Technology Development

KIOXIA, a leading flash memory company, promotes further research and technological development.

Our brand website introducing people and activities that open up possibilities of "memory" for the future.

TV commercial showcasing the history of KIOXIA.

KIOXIA Corporation has officially changed its name from Toshiba Memory Corporation effective October 1, 2019.
Some pages and/or documents may still include the name "Toshiba Corporation" or "Toshiba Memory Corporation", please interpret those names to correspond to the new company name.