Academic Collaboration

To address the needs of increasingly diverse research themes, KIOXIA promotes R&D projects in collaboration with universities, technical communities, and research institutes both in Japan and abroad. We also apply the results of these activities to a broad range of products and R&D themes while capturing ideas from wide communities.

Tie-up Example

We are striving to strengthen our industrial technological capabilities through innovation and to foster an environment conducive to innovation.

Waseda University

Waseda University

KIOXIA concluded a collaborative activities agreement in 2018 with Waseda Research Institute for Science and Engineering to promote cutting-edge R&D in the memory technologies needed to support an advanced information society, as well as to foster young scientists. We have created joint research themes that can lead to innovative core technologies through feasibility studies and research, and we provide budding scientists with research grants and incentives.

The University of Electro-Communications

The University of Electro-Communications

Aiming to accelerate open innovation in fields including AI, KIOXIA concluded a collaborative agreement with the University of Electro-Communications in 2019. The collaboration extends across a variety of fields including “image processing, production control, and behavioral analysis technologies,” “next-generation information and communication technologies,” and “nanotechnology,” and is aimed at promoting R&D on AI-based production technology and semiconductor memory, as well as to fostering young scientists through personnel exchanges.

Joint Research

Memory × Brain science

We are conducting joint research with Massachusetts Institute of Technology on signal processing systems for neuroscience.

Neuroscience research calls for faster analysis of large quantities of data. KIOXIA is contributing to advances in neuroscience by accelerating data analysis in the research cycle by using high-speed, high-capacity SSDs.