Contact Us (KIOXIA Corporation / Product Information)

For Business Products

Please contact us if you have any technical questions, requests for materials, are interested in samples or purchases of business products (memory chip, SSD, SD memory card), etc.

  • Please contact the retail store where you purchased the product or the distributor of the product for any problems, repairs, or warranties of SSD products.
  • For PC compatibility information and replacement methods for SSD products, please contact a PC manufacturer or a computer store specializing in PC parts.

For Personal Products

For technical questions, inquiries, and support for SSD products, please contact the distributer, Buffalo Inc.

Inquiries about Other Personal Products

For technical questions and inquiries regarding microSD memory cards / SD memory cards / USB flash memories, please contact KIOXIA.

Inquiries about Company Information (KIOXIA Corporation)

If you have any questions regarding company information, please contact us here.

If you have any questions about corporate information of KIOXIA Group, please contact KIOXIA Holdings Corporation.