CTO Message

We are continuing to drive forward leveraging our leading-edge research and development to create a new era of memory.

Kioxia conceived and developed the world’s first NAND flash memory and 3D flash memory BiCS FLASH™, and we remain committed to promoting research and development in the future in order to realize our mission of “Uplifting the world with ‘memory.’” 

In order to meet the needs driven by technologies such as smartphones, IoT devices, 5G/6G networks, autonomous driving and the overall drive for digital transformation, as well as to help realize a sustainable society with environmentally friendly computing, we are focusing not only on the further enhancement of BiCS FLASH™ but also on the development of next-generation memory devices and storage systems. 

In addition, we are accelerating our digital transformation by analyzing big data, aiming for highly efficient and speedy research and development through the integration of human power and digital technologies.

Furthermore, we are strengthening our research and development through open innovation with third parties; we will maintain our partnerships with customers, other companies and academic institutions to in order to allow our staff to work together on common projects, foster and develop semiconductor engineers both inside and outside the company, and promote research activities.

We will continue to lead the industry by further accelerating the development of BiCS FLASH™ and providing the world with high-speed, large-capacity, and highly reliable memory and SSDs to support the digital society.

Hideshi Miyajima
Chief Technology Officer
Kioxia Corporation



Hideshi Miyajima is Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer of Kioxia Corporation. He has served in this role since October 2023. Previously, he was Technology Executive Memory Process at Kioxia Corporation.

Mr. Miyajima has a solid track record in the memory industry, incorporating more than 30 years of experience in roles at Kioxia, Toshiba Memory and Toshiba Corporation. After working on next-generation film deposition technology research at ULSI Research Laboratories and leading the development and mass production of Cu/Low-k multilayer advanced logic interconnect technology, he was appointed Senior Manager of the Third Manufacturing Engineering Department at our Yokkaichi Plant in September 2014, taking charge of NAND flash memory production technology. In January 2018, he was appointed Director of the Advanced Memory Development Center at Toshiba Memory Corporation (now Kioxia Corporation), where he led the development of the company's BiCS FLASH™ technology. In January 2008, he participated in an advanced logic development project with IBM at the State University of New York in Albany.

In 2019, Mr. Miyajima completed a doctorate in Electronic Information Systems at Nagoya University’s Graduate School of Engineering. He previously completed a master’s program in Energy Science at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, in 1989.