Research and Technology Development Policy

KIOXIA has developed many “world-first” technologies, such as NAND flash memory and created innovation. As a leading company in “memory,” KIOXIA will continue to work on cutting-edge research and development to create innovation.

Basic Approach

In order to meet the increasing needs for technologies in diverse fields and to develop high-level technology, we promote continuous investment in research and development field. In addition, we actively recruit engineers and develop their talent and skills to meet the expanding market We will maintain technology leadership through promoting collaboration between in-house organizations as well as our R&D partners.

Technology Strategy and Research Field

As a leading company in flash memory and SSD, KIOXIA engages in RD that supports the information society.
Introducing the connections between KIOXIA’s technology and society and the “technology” of flash memory that underpins those connections.

Chief Technology Officer, Hideshi Miyajima
Kioxia conceived and developed the world’s first NAND flash memory and 3D flash memory BiCS FLASH™, and we remain committed to promoting research and development in the future in order to realize our mission of “Uplifting the world with memory.”

Whether it’s automotive applications or compact high performance-oriented PCs or cloud server and hyperscale data center deployments, by delivering advanced high performance, high density, low power, low latency, reliability and more - KIOXIA memory and storage solutions enable the success of emerging applications and allow existing technologies to reach their expected potential.