SLC NAND Flash Memory

Consumer and Industrial Embedded Memory Solutions

SLC (single-level cell) NAND flash memory remains an integral part of the overall flash memory market. Its high endurance makes it ideally suited for a variety of consumer and industrial applications where reliability and longevity of supply is important.

KIOXIA SLC NAND flash memory products are available in a range of densities and multiple package options to meet the diverse requirements of the embedded market. 

A 1-bit per cell, non-volatile memory, KIOXIA SLC NAND writes large amounts of data at high speed; provides high write/erase cycle endurance and reliability.

KIOXIA BENAND™ is SLC NAND flash memory with embedded ECC. BENAND™ removes the burden of ECC from the host processor while maintaining the compliant interface, reliability and performance with RAW SLC NAND flash memory.

You can search the entire list of SLC NAND flash memory, based on characteristics.

Products by Applications

Whether it’s automotive applications or compact high performance-oriented PCs or cloud server and hyperscale data center deployments, by delivering advanced high performance, high density, low power, low latency, reliability and more—KIOXIA memory and storage solutions enable the success of emerging applications and allow existing technologies to reach their expected potential.



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