As a result of an increase in the capacity of memory products, the amount of data handled at a factory is growing considerably. Unlike automobiles, flash memories are manufactured using a complicated network of more than 5,000 manufacturing and inspection equipments. To maintain high quality, more than two billion data items are collected every day in real time from manufacturing equipments and transport systems. Complicated factory analyses are performed using such an enormous amount of data. For example, deep learning technologies help to greatly reduce the percentage of devices rejected by a defect test and AI technologies help reduce the time required to infer the cause of defects. In addition to Yokkaichi Plant, KIOXIA Corporation is currently constructing a memory fab in the city of Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture. We are introducing state-of-the-art tools and promoting open innovation both within and outside the company with the aim of achieving efficient production at two sites.

Example of big-data utilization at Yokkaichi Plant