Kioxia Receives 2021 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Andrew S. Grove Award

  • July 22, 2020
  • Kioxia Corporation

Tokyo, July 22, 2020 - Kioxia Corporation, the world leader in memory solutions, announced today that a team of Kioxia engineers received the 2021 Andrew S. Grove Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for pioneering and sustained contributions to high-density, three-dimensional flash memory.

The award recognizes outstanding contributions in solid-state devices and technology. The honored team members are based in Kioxia’s Institute of Memory Technology Research and Development and the Advanced Memory Development Center. The award will be presented at a ceremony during the International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM) in San Francisco in December 2021.

In 2007, the Company released the 3D flash memory technology, BiCS FLASH™, a breakthrough approach that greatly simplified the fabrication process for stacking memory cells vertically to realize high-density 3D flash memory. Whereas conventional stacking required repeated deposition and patterning processes for memory cell array fabrication, BiCS FLASH™ technology first stacks the materials for the memory cells and then makes each cell simultaneously using a one-time patterning process, thereby significantly reducing the processing steps. Mass-produced 3D flash memory widely used today is based on Kioxia’s BiCS FLASH™ concept.

Thanks to Kioxia’s tireless commitment to perfecting 3D flash memory, the technology has helped to significantly expand and proliferate flash memory applications and meet demands for larger capacities with smaller die sizes.

Going forward, Kioxia remains committed to developing flash memory technologies that will help drive continued advancement of information-based industries.

Kioxia’s 2021 IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award Winners

Hideaki AOCHI
Senior Expert, Institute of Memory Technology Research and Development

Deputy General Manager, Advanced Memory Development Center

Masaru KITO
Group Manager, Advanced Memory Development Center