Toshiba to Showcase Latest NAND and Storage Products at Flash Memory Summit

  • August 5, 2014
  • Toshiba Corporation

TOKYO— Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that it will showcase its latest NAND flash and storage products at Flash Memory Summit, the world’s largest flash memory conference, which will be held from August 5 to 7 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California, USA.
The exhibition part of Flash Memory Summit will be held in the latter two days, August 6 and 7, and Toshiba will be exhibiting at booth #504.

Main Exhibitions

  1. Enterprise SSD:
  2. ・Enterprise Read Intensive SSD PX03SN/HK3R Series
    ・High Read IOPS Server Demonstration of the PX03SN Series

  3. Client SSD:
  4. ・High-End Client SSD HG6 Series
    ・TLC[1] NAND Embedded Client SSD SG4 Series (Reference Exhibit)

  5. Mobile Memory:

    ・Embedded Storage Memory Solution: UFS[2], e-MMC™
    ・Media Card: SD Memory Card, USB Flash Memory
    ・Wireless LAN SDHC Memory Card: FlashAir™

  6. Enterprise & Industrial Memory:

    ・SLC[3] NAND, BENAND™[4], 15nm Process NAND Wafer

[1]: TLC: Triple Level Cell (Storage type of NAND flash storing data of 3-bit-per-cell)
[2]: UFS: Universal Flash Storage
[3]: SLC: Single Level Cell
[4]: BENAND™: Built-in ECC NAND

  • e-MMC is a trademark of JEDEC/MMCA.
  • FlashAir™ and BENAND™ are trademarks of Toshiba Corporation.