Toshiba's SSD and HDD Products for Enterprise Market Honored with "Green IT Award 2013"

  • September 18, 2013
  • Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba's SSD (1 series) and HDD (3 series) products*1 for the enterprise market were honored with the "METI*2 Commerce and Information Policy, Director-General's Awards" of "Green IT Award 2013" by Green IT Promotion Council / the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association.

METI Commerce and Information Policy, Director-General's Awards of Green IT Award 2013

The expansion of cloud computing is triggering the explosion of information and driving a fast growing need for storage products that offer larger capacities and faster data transfers. The award recognizes both the high transfer speeds and large capacity specifications of Toshiba's enterprise SSDs and HDDs, their design for reduced environmental impacts, along with environmental initiative by employees at Toshiba’s production site in the Philippines.

Toshiba promotes initiatives aimed at realizing a world where people lead affluent lives in harmony with the Earth, based on its environmental vision for 2050, and contributes to society through activities that include providing storage products that meet the most demanding requirements.

Environmental Vision 2050:

About The Green IT Award

The Green IT Award program aims to contribute to the creation of a society that can simultaneously achieve environmental conservation and economic growth through widely disseminating Green IT activities, focusing on "savings in IT-related energy consumption" and "energy conservation through the use of IT."

This award program publicly recognizes IT systems (IT devices, software, and services/solutions utilizing such devices or software) whose development/dissemination or use has helped reduce energy consumption in society.


  1. : Enterprise SSD PX02SM series, Enterprise HDD MK**01GRRB/GRRR series, AL13SEB/AL13SEL series, and MG03SCA/MG03ACA/MG03SCP series
  2. : Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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