Toshiba to strengthen memory back-end process development capabilities

  • February 3, 2010

Tokyo—Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) today announced that Toshiba LSI Package Solutions Corporation (TPACS) will transfer its memory back-end function from Fukuoka to Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture, in order to be closer to Toshiba's main memory production facility, Yokkaichi Operations. The move will take place by November this year and will improve development efficiency in the memory back-end process.

The requirement for higher density memories is driving advances in the back-end process—semiconductor assembly and final testing—including increasingly sophisticated multi-layering technologies that integrate multiple chips in a single package. By concentrating all aspects of memory technology development and production in Yokkaichi for both the front- and back-end processes, Toshiba will improve coordination and cooperation across the overall manufacturing process and seek to raise the efficiency of product development and trial production significantly. In a parallel move, Toshiba will increase the current overseas production ratio for the memory back-end process to about 80% by the end of fiscal year 2010, a move that will strengthen its cost competitiveness in the memory business.

TPACS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba, was established in April 2002 to support the back-end process for Toshiba's semiconductor business. In October 2009, the company transferred its system LSI process operations and the memory back-end equipment at its Oita Operations facility to J-device Corporation (J-Device), a joint venture between Nakaya Microdevices Corporation, Amkor Technology, Inc. and Toshiba that provides semiconductor assembly and final testing services. At its new facilities in Yokkaichi, TPACS will focus on back-end process development that supports Toshiba in advancing its memory business. The coming move will mark TPACS' withdrawal from Fukuoka.

Outline of Toshiba LSI Package Solutions Corporation

Current Location: 476-1, Kamiookuma, Miyawaka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
President and CEO: Satoshi Takahashi
Business: Semiconductor assembly and testing services
Sales: Approximately 72 billion yen (March, 2009)
Employees: Approximately 1,700 (Some 1,300 are currently transferred to J-device)