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Product information for memory and SSD.

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KIOXIA provides various consumer products for personal use.

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KIOXIA Korea Corporation is a subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading global supplier of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs).

R&D / Yokkaichi Plant / Company Information

For information regarding KIOXIA Corporation's R&D, Yokkaichi Plant and corporate profile, please visit the KIOXIA Corporation website.

Corporate Group Information

KIOXIA Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KIOXIA Holdings Corporation.For information on group companies, please visit the KIOXIA Global (KIOXIA Holdings) website.

Research and Technology Development

KIOXIA, a leading flash memory company, promotes further research and technological development.

Important News

An exclusive brand website that envisions the future of KIOXIA.

The comic "Phaedo", a new manga created and designed using AI and human collaboration, is released!

TV commercial showcasing the history of KIOXIA.

Toshiba Memory Corporation은 2019년 10월 1일부터 공식적으로 KIOXIA Corporation으로 사명이 변경 되었습니다.
일부 페이지 혹은 문서에는 아직 “Toshiba Corporation” 또는 “Toshiba Memory Corporation”이란 명칭이 남아 있을 수도 있사오나, 새로운 회사명으로 이해해 주시기 바랍니다.