Fellow Interviews

This page presents videos of interviews with the "Fellows" who are the power behind the memory research and technology development at KIOXIA. These professionals are masters of devices and processes, memory systems, TCAD simulations and flash memory development. They talk about the pleasure of research and technology development and about contributing to the world ten years from now.

  • The content and profile are current as of the time of the interview (June 2021.)

Akira Nishiyama, Fellow

A blank canvas: The future of device in 10 years

“The technology you develop is released to the market, and many people can benefit from it.”
Discussion on the interest in conducting fundamental research at a company, and on contributing to society through semiconductor devices and processes

Akira Nishiyama

Fellow, Institute of Memory Technology Research & Development
Expertise: Devices and processes

Yukihito Oowaki, Fellow

Innovating memory system with increasingly sophisticated technology

“The technology and trends of the present day will never last for all time”
Discussion on the innovation in memory systems that is required to keep winning in the market in the ever-advancing world of computers

Yukihito Oowaki

Fellow, Institute of Memory Technology Research & Development
Expertise: Memory systems

Nobutoshi Aoki, Fellow

Manufacturing innovation through simulation

"Manufacturing innovations that make full use of the computational science simulations”
The creation of a digital twin in the semiconductor field will provide new value and excitement to society.

Nobutoshi Aoki

Fellow, Institute of Memory Technology Research & Development
Expertise: TCAD simulation

Hiroaki Hazama, Fellow

The real thrill of development: Conquering the world with new technology.

“Converting an idea into technology, and putting it into devices to create a market”
Discussion on the memory created through the combination of the best technologies by development leaders who have continued to take on the challenges for the introduction of new technology globally

Hiroaki Hazama

Fellow, Memory Division
Expertise: Flash memory development